The Company

SHB Analytics was funded in 2014 as a startup of the Humboldt-Universtät zu Berlin. Based on the long term experience in the Photobiophysics Group of Prof. Beate Röder the founders developed a worldwide leading scientific laboratory device for the optical, time-resolved detection of singlet oxygen. Up to now only a few laboratories worldwide are able to detect singlet oxygen directly, since it takes a high technical and financial effort.

SHB Analytics offers an all-in-one measurement device making the detection of singlet oxygen possible in every laboratory.

Singlet oxygen is a very reactive type of oxygen playing a key role in many biological and chemical processes. In many cases it has a destructive influence due to its high reactiveness.

The focus groups are users in research and development in the sectors pharmacy, chemistry, biology and biochemistry who avoid the high effort in financial and human resources. By offering an easy-to-operate, cost efficient measurement device, the direct detection of singlet oxygen will be possible.